360 Well-being Study

360 Well-being Study

Read the latest report to understand how people across the world have managed their health and adapted to the changes over the past year.

Global Well-Being: The Key Findings from Our Latest 360 Survey

You might think there would be few surprises in a survey that’s been done six times already. But the seventh edition of Cigna’s 360 Well-Being Survey has a quality that sets it far apart from its predecessors: it is the first one to have been carried out in the midst of a global pandemic.

Asking people to compare how they feel about their family, financial, physical, social and work well-being now compared to January 2020 is not easy after a health crisis that has caused a tragic loss of human life, economic turmoil and social isolation. But that is perhaps why this year’s 360 Well-Being Survey is more important than ever before. In these unprecedented times, we need all the information we can get in order to build back our societies, economies and communities.

Our key findings:

  • Vaccination rollouts are transforming perceptions of well-being
  • Mental health is seen as the most important influence on Whole Health
  • Many are concerned about longer-term financial commitments
  • Women have been more negatively impacted by the pandemic than men
  • Children help improve well-being and resilience
  • Employees expect more health and well-being support from employers

Reasons for optimism?

This year’s results, which cover a record 18,000 individuals in 21 markets across five continents, offer some cause for cautious optimism. While it is true that all the indices are trending lower than they were in our January 2020 survey, the figures also show a rebound when compared to the last COVID-19 Impact Study we carried out in December 2020.

Most likely this is due to the impact of vaccination programmes and the easing of social distancing restrictions. Notably, the markets with the highest vaccination levels also scored the highest across all our 360 Well-Being Survey indices. We should bear in mind, however, that we still have a long way to go to beat the virus. Some markets are still struggling with surges in infections, and elsewhere vaccine rollouts are only just beginning.


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